GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Customer support improved with better delivery

A new survey has clearly shown that call centres improving their service delivery can expect to have better support from consumers.  For telephone answering services that really listen to their clients and provide the best care, between 20% and 30% extra customer advocacy can be expected.

There are several ways in which services can be improved, including offering a feedback tool where data can then be shared with agents.  Putting “Voice of the Customer” programmes in place also increases company sales by up to 10% and is really worth the investment.  Other findings from the latest survey also showed that a call centre agent’s age and gender had no direct impact on how satisfied customers were.  Meanwhile, the speed of an answer is far outweighed in a customer’s eyes if agents can engage and provide them with good product knowledge.

Mats Rennstam, a call centre expert and managing director, said that the key to providing world class service is to understand exactly how a contact centre operates.  “We have to recognise that there are inherent dangers in examining areas in isolation, as well as taking industry “truths” for granted, which is why Bright focuses on helping clients adopt a holistic approach, including performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction, as well as including robust benchmarking to validate findings and get a true picture of what best in class looks like,” Mr Rennstam said.

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