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Customer services quality an essential modern business weapon

Customer service support peopleMany companies focus on the unique features and price points of their products and services to remain competitive. However, in an era where the focus is clearly placed upon the consumer, the quality of customer services has now become an essential business weapon to help differentiate brands from their competitors.

Relationships with customers have never been more important, and it is vital for call centres to court new clients whilst also keeping existing ones on board. Research has found that 97 per cent of consumers around the world say customer service affects their choice and loyalty to a firm. When pricing and products are no longer enough for businesses to retain clients, firms must utilise their telephone answering services to offer excellent customer services.

The fundamentals of good service are easy: listen to customers, remain genuine and keep everything as simple as possible. One thing many firms fail to recognise is that the message is the most important factor, not the way in which it is delivered.

Modern consumers demand quick and efficient services, and traditional response times are no longer acceptable. People want a customised service provided in a short time frame. They are also knowledgeable enough to recognise bad experiences and can easily spread this negative service through social media channels.

For call centres that want to arm themselves with a competitive edge, customer services quality is now one area on which to focus. Get it right, and customers are more likely to return time and time again.

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