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Customer services improved by cloud solutions

cloud securityA new survey has discovered that 61 per cent of senior professionals at call centres say cloud solutions improve the quality of customer services. Aspect Software, the company behind the poll, said that 47 per cent of respondents also admitted that customer perception could be improved by the use of cloud technology.

Cloud solutions have found increasing appeal over the past few years, with services managing to streamline companies and help improve efficiency. As part of Aspect Software’s research, it was found that 76 per cent of call centres in Britain fully intend to use one or more type of cloud technology by the end of 2015. In addition, 41 per cent of call centres already use one tool, whilst 35 per cent of people say they will introduce services over the coming 12 months. Meanwhile, flexibility and scalability were mentioned as key benefits of cloud computing by 24 per cent and 37 per cent of individuals respectively.

Aspect’s director of cloud solutions, Keiron Dalton, explained: “The [customer service] industry is recognising the crucial need to embrace cloud computing’s flexibility and scalability to meet these sky-high expectations of a quick, satisfactory resolution, with – most importantly – 100 per cent consistency between channels, whether that’s on the phone to a live agent, or sending a quick tweet.”

For telephone answering services that want to ensure their customer services quality is as high as possible, turning to cloud computing over the coming year could be an ideal step to take.

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