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Customer Services Call Centre Series:

Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 7
Choose The Right Resources

Our final post on the topic of making outsourced customer service call centres work considers the impact of identifying the right resources to get the job done.

Getting Resourcing Right

The right resources are fundamental to achieving success in any project. When it comes to outsourcing your call centre requirements; it’s important to understand how the call centre handles the following resource issues:

  • Organisation Culture – The culture of the outsourced call centre business will permeate every aspect of the operation and the resulting service to your customers. Does the culture of the call centre reflect your own organisation’s values and priorities?
  • Recruitment – Does the call centre understand your values and the nuances of the customer experience that you wish to deliver. Can the call centre resource with the correct calibre of staff to meet your needs?
  • Systems – Does the call centre have the flexibility and capability in its systems, including opportunities for integration, reporting, analytics and continuity.
  • QA & Training – How does the call centre manage quality of service? How does it train new recruits and offer the necessary support for continuous improvement of your service?
  • Leadership – Does the leadership of the call centre care about your long-term goals and are they willing to invest into achieving them? Can they look “beyond” the service to be part of a wider solution, rather than just a provider of a service?

Getting the resourcing right across the board will make all the difference in making the project a success.

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Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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