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Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 6
Choose What To Outsource

Some business processes will always be handled better in-house, so deciding what business processes to outsource is perhaps the most challenging decision of them all. But suprisingly complex processes can be handled well by call centres, so the decision is more subtle than many think.

More “Art” Than “Science”

When considering outsourcing business processes for the first time, fear of losing control of complex processes often guides the decision making process. However, customer service call centres can be very good at handling complex processes. For example, if you have complex processes, but based on strict business rules (even with complex exceptions) then systems can make these decisions reliably.

Even where decisions have to be made based on preference; with specialist training a small number of decision makers can be primed to facilitate this service.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, decisions that directly and significantly affect profitability are always best left in-house, as bad decisions here leave a “bad taste” in the mouth of the organisation that’s outsourcing the work.

Unexpected Wins

Quite often, outsourced customer service call centres will have developed technologies and techniques that can provide enhanced service to clients. As long as the systems in the call centre and in the organisation outsourcing the work can be made to closely integrate, then additional revenue, or cost savings can often be generated.

As ever, detailed planning will prevent most of the “trial and error” work, but be careful not to prejudge much of the good work and advantages that a call centre can provide for you.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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