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Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 5
Accountability, Not Blame

In our series on making outsourced customer call centres work, we’ve looked at setting expectations, balancing true cost savings with quality of service, ownership and being realistic. Today, we turn to what happens if things go wrong, and how moving past blame can help the project to succeed and bring benefits to all parties.

Kicking The Blame Habit

Yesterday, we discussed how pressure to succeed can cause a number of problems and negatively affect the outcome of the project. If areas of the service from the outsourced call centre start to fail, our primary human instinct is to blame the service provider, but is this the most constructive way forward?

No Excuses

If the service is failing at the call centre due to a lack of care, poor planning or poor resourcing, then I’m certainly not advocating excusing a lack of quality service. Having set clear expectations and being honest about service levels that can be acheived, the call centre must then be held accountable to adherence to those targets and expectations that were set.

However, working in partnership and co-owning the issues and reasons for non-performance can bring significant returns, when compared to a straight blame culture.

The Big Picture

Where the blame culture stops the service reaching its full potential becomes clear once a partnership approach is employed. By looking beyond the call centre to the big picture, then many of the problems can be dealt with at the root, rather than at the point where the symptom presents.

Perhaps a change in the marketing message, or target audience within the customer base is contributing to making the targets unrealistic to achieve. Sometimes, the business processes or a lack of integration with other departments causes frustration that marrs the customer experience.

By stepping back, looking at issues overall, real changes can be made which can swing a potentially failing situation into a win for all involved.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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