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Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 4
Be Realistic

When history tells us that around 30% of outsourced contracts fail, and a further 30% are not renewed at the end of their term; it seems that all the great principles of customer relationship management need to be applied to setting up the outsourced service with your call centre partner. Perhaps one of the most critical principles is that of being realistic.

Pressure To Succeed

More often than not, there is intense political pressure from both the outsourcing organsation and the oustomer services call centre for outsourced contracts to succeed. Having worked within the healthcare PFI scheme arena; the pressure to “make things work” could sometimes be a higher objective than the efficacy of the service.

Setting realistic expectations helps curb this from the outset; and this culture should be maintained throughout the life of the contract. Customer Service Call Centres must be transparent about the “real” results; not just the positive highlights, and must be robust in setting expectations regarding the whole spectrum of service delivery.

Organisations who are outsourcing must be realistic about what they are outsourcing; since some functions do work better when kept in-house.

Three Priorities: Communication, Communication, Communication

Preserving integrity in the whole area of being realistic can be counter-cultural, but pays off in the end. It is essential that the organisation outsourcing the work, and the customer services call centre keep open lines of communication at all times; allowing for continuous analysis and development of performance and service levels.

Perhaps the “kids” are onto something when they say “keep it real”?

Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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