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Customer Services Call Centre Series:

Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 3
Own It!

Having reviewed your objectives and ensuring that the service can deliver quality for the price, it is essential that the company outsourcing the work still retains ownership for the service that’s been outsourced to the customer services call centre.

Be A Champion

By retaining ownership of the service, you can ensure that your customers’ welfare and experience is still closely tied to your organisations’ culture and strategic intent.

Having operated as an outsourced customer services call centre, there’s nothing as frustrating as really pulling out the stops, only to have a disinterested contract manager who does not have the time to engage with driving continous improvement of the service. If a problem arises, then it’s usually perceived as the call centre’s fault and the following review ensues.

A more balanced approach is for both the organisation and the call centre to each have a champion that will understand how the other business works in detail; and so work together to achieve a win for all parties.

Nothing Stays The Same…

There’s not a single business that’s growing that doesn’t have to encompass change. So, another advantage of having a point contact is that the organisation that it outsourcing the work can share their strategic developments with their customer services call centre.

Likewise, the call centre business can share their developments with the organisation and together move forward.

Be A Hub

Often, in larger organisations; communication within departments can be interrupted. Having a champion will ensure that the marketing department keeps the call centre informed of campaigns and media channels so they can see their response and ROI.

Warehousing and inventory can feedback any operational issues, delays, backlogs so realistic expectations can be set with customers, avoiding unnecessary dissapointment.

Finance can feed back about perception of cost savings and what is planned for future financial periods.

Having point people for both organisations will really pay dividends, both in quality of service and cost reduction.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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