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Secrets To Successful Outsourced Customer Services 2
Count The True Cost

The culture of outsourcing to customer services call centres has certainly matured; with organisations choosing to outsource looking at the real cost (and cost savings) that can be achieved.


Cheapest Is Rarely The Least Expensive

In the early days of outsourcing to a call centre, the outsourcers who used to win were those who could offer the lowest headline cost. However, bitter experience has shown that cost cutting measures have often backfired and increased costs.

So can it really work? GoResponse has won a number of contracts from far-shore centres because:
1) poor customer response means more repeat calls, and increased time taken to deal with an aggravated client who was initially making an enquiry
2) poor understanding of the customers’ needs – crossing cultures means more than just understanding language or geography; customers expect to understood and engaged with, rather than following a business process. Again, disgruntled customers means more overhead in dealing with them.
3) poor customer experience – means that they’ll go elsehwere to buy the products or services if they have a choice, and they’ll tell 9 other people about the bad experience they had with the brand.

A Balancing Act

Thankfully, a more holistic view of outsourcing call centre services is taken with real cost reduction balanced with quality of service.

Here’s some tips for getting the most from the relationship with an outsourced call centre:
1) Low Risk Option – Filter The Simple Requests: Often the majority of enquiries relate to simple requests for information. If you’re wary of outsourcing, then consider giving delivery status requests, returns policies and guidance, stock and order status enquiries to an outsourcer.
2) What requests or processes cost the most? Outsourced call centres can often employ technology to help with a blend of self-service techniques or deliver information to agents very quickly. Can you turn a thorn in your side into a quick win?
3) Be Clear With Your Expectations – setting expectations with your call centre and the customers will create an efficient service.

Nobody said that reducing costs would be easy! But there are ways that this can be realistically achieved.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director

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