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Customer service tips to improve 2013

The New Year is the ideal time to make resolutions, and not only personal resolutions should be set. Such a time is also the ideal period to put some professional goals in place, and for call centres wanting to increase performance over the coming year, focussing on customer service will be crucial.

Telephone answering services continue to be an important part of customer service, offering people the perfect way to contact experts and seek help. Therefore, customer service remains a crucial area of any business, with chief executives striving towards the best care possible. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on a brand promise instead of rushing out to find thousands of customers. Whilst gaining new customers will push income, failing to provide a brand’s promise will result in negativity from the target market.

The mobile application market continues to be an area of popularity, but in 2013, chief executives must ensure that software actually integrates with the call centre experience. Many apps prove to be less than successful because customers gain nothing and find that they should’ve utilised a call centre in the first place. By focussing on mobile apps, business can reduce their call centre traffic whilst increasing the customer experience.

Finally, social media should be adopted as a priority, with executives no longer fearing this platform of customer connection. Social media should no longer only be monitored by companies but embraced, with companies taking an active role in addressing customer needs and promoting a positive brand image.

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