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Customer service should be measured at agent level

Customer service is everything, and in 2013, call centres across the country will be paying close attention to ensuring that consumers get the best quality calls possible. Now, an expert within the industry has suggested that for the best accuracy, customer satisfaction levels need to be measured at an agent level.

Mats Rennstam said that customer satisfaction can be easily calculated by looking at key metrics and running figures against customer spend and retention. However, looking at money and time investments, for example, gives only a wide overview and could be open to criticism when other factors, such as product launches or price drops, are factored in. For this reason, it is crucial to measure consumer satisfaction at an agent level. By looking at data for periods before and after training, marketing messages, or changes in agent processes, telephone answering services executives can get incredible data for satisfaction levels.

“By introducing customer feedback at agent level and using this information to improve the performance of their people, we have seen companies grow their CSAT scores by an average 30%, which in turn has a direct impact on revenues,” explained Mr Rennstam, adding, “By breaking this figure down by agent, and quantifying the effect on strategy, it really is possible to prove the value of customer service.”

For all call centres looking to the year ahead with consumer satisfaction priorities on their mind, measuring statistics at an agent level could give them more insights than ever before.

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