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Customer service not affected by agent age or gender

For many call centres, optimising their agents means trying to find the right diversity of employees who work well with customers.  This is not to say that discrimination is rife within telephone answering services, but there is a common perception that the age and gender of agents may affect customer satisfaction scores.  However, new data has shown that this is completely untrue, revealing that it is often purely agent training that can have a positive effect.

Gender stereotypes in the workplace can be a sensitive issue, and it is still believed by many that women are caring and understanding whilst men deal better with solving problems.  In data that compared 50,000 customer satisfaction surveys, analysts broke down the results by gender and looked at whether or not customers believed agents to be knowledgeable and caring.  Whilst men received a score of 4.47 for knowledge, women came out on top with 4.55.  Meanwhile, women were also found to have more empathy, with a score of 4.69, compared to men with 4.60.

The findings discover that gender seems to have only a marginal effect on customer satisfaction.  Meanwhile, with differing ages, from under 26 ranging right through to over 56, there was also no significant change.

The implications for call centres are that they should focus not on the age and gender of their staff, but on the knowledge and training that agents receive.  This will ensure that all individuals can offer the best customer care possible.

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