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Customer service must become top call centre priority

There was a time when call centres did all they could to rattle through telephone calls as fast as possible. Agents adhered to a strict script and often gave customers the same response, no matter what the question was. This resulted in the telephone answering services industry getting a bad reputation. However, this is no longer the case, and many call centres are taking every opportunity to push customer services to their highest priority level.

A few years ago, financial services company, American Express, decided to get rid of its strict scripts and allow agents to take longer with calls, rather than rushing through them. Whilst many may have thought this to be a glaring error, in 2012, a year when many financial companies were the worst customer service offenders, American Express rocked the charts and landed in the Customer Service Hall of Fame.

In 2013, there is more importance to provide positive customer service than ever before. Consumers demand a lot from brands, and it only takes the smallest bad response for negative branding to occur. With so many media channels now open to customers, this bad branding can spread quickly, so it’s important to stay on top of problems and nip them in the bud immediately. There are a number of ways in which telephone answering services can do this, and it’s all in relation to providing customers with as many options as possible.

This year, call centres should look to expand their self service options, provide more channels for consumers to contact them and diversify the scripts they use, allowing the customer to come first and a positive reputation to grow.

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