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Customer service must be adapted for the modern age

Call centres are always striving for the best customer service possible.  Optimum consumer care ensures a positive experience and helps to increase upselling quotas and referrals.  However, traditional care must be adapted in the modern and digital age.

Traditionally, companies were able to create products and then utilise marketing to bring consumers around to their items.  However, with the digital age making the world more socially minded and allowing people to interact over a vast number of communication channels, it is the consumer that has become the driving force behind many products.  In research by Oracle, it was found that 47% of people are swayed by reviews, whilst 37% appreciate word of mouth when finding new items to buy.  This means that customers have to be provided with the best customer experience possible.

To ensure this happens, modern businesses and telephone answering services have to engage with consumers on a wide variety of platforms.  It is no longer any good simply using call centres to carry out marketing, as robust social networking strategies have to be developed.  It seems that firms are taking a while to catch on, however, with only 46% of consumers receiving replies to online posts.  An additional 29% expressed anger that company responses did not help solve their issue at all.

With this in mind, companies must take more of an active interest in online activity and ensure that they are providing consistent service through all channels.  Although call centres remain a widely used form of communication, modern firms must expand into multi-channel networks too.

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