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Customer service in public sector fails to meet expectations

A new survey by Aspect Software has shown that customer service in the public sector is failing to meet many people’s expectations, with 38% of complaints going unresolved.  The data shows how important it is for private call centres to ensure they respond quickly to customer matters, providing clients with an efficient and positive experience.

Telephone answering services remain the number one way for people to make complaints, and it is vital to ensure that contact centres are staffed with skilled agents who can not only resolve a call, but can turn any experience into a positive one.  In the latest survey, it was found only 5% of British individuals rated public sector customer service options as the best in the country.  This shows that private call centres are excelling, but that there remains many high standards to keep.

Senior Vice President of Aspect’s Europe and Africa division, Mark King, said: “Maximising the resources available for citizen engagement has never been more important.  Due to continual reforms, changing political parties and differing public opinion, the sector as a whole is under constant scrutiny – not just in terms of the money that is spent and where, but how organisations engage with UK citizens at a regional and national level too.”

The news that public sector divisions are failing in customer service will give private organisations a gentle reminder that they must endeavour to offer the best service possible.

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