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Customer Service Heroes Awards

Alcatel-Lucent announced the winner of their Customer Service Heroes award last month – Ahmed Shalaby.

Mr Shalaby, who is a Customer Care Senior Representative with Vodaphone in Egypt, volunteered during the recent political unrest. What makes Mr Shalaby stand out is what he did to help one family in particular.

During the unrest, Mr Shalaby found out a family had contacted Vodaphone to say their disabled daughter was missing – and the only phone number she knew was one that was disconnected. On hearing this Mr Shalaby did everything in his power to get the number reconnected, even though it involved cutting through countless reams of red tape. When the number went online the girl phoned her family and was reunited with them.

Mr Shalaby was awarded his prize in Prague at the Alcatel-Lucent G-Force event. The senior vice president and general manager for Enterprise Alcatel-Lucent stated:

“We’re thrilled to provide our customers the opportunity to salute the unsung heroes of their customer service business,

“We must never lose sight of how and when to engage the human element, even as we help companies harness the latest technology to better serve today’s demanding consumers.”

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