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Customer service agents to become digital coaches

Call centre customer serviceCustomer service quality has become a major priority for call centres, with companies striving to the offer their consumers the best experience possible. Now, the role of telephone answering services agents is evolving to the point where they are becoming digital coaches or customer experience coaches instead of the traditional problem-solver.

Self-service has become a go-to operation for many brands. When it is done well, it can delight customers. When people have more access to smartphones than ever before, it is not surprising that consumers want more of their customer services delivered via a digital platform.

Before steering people towards self-service options, however, it is essential that companies develop an exceptional digital environment so that they do not turn customers off. Once a trusted, reliable and excellent service is offered, call centre agents roles then change from problem-solvers to digital coaches.

To develop coaches, companies need to train agents with the skills needed to equip consumers to help themselves. For example, when a customer phones a contact centre, advisors can not only provide information to solve their current query, but they can also guide them towards self-service or consumer app options. Links to tutorials can be sent via text or email, and agents can turn customers into self-service shoppers capable of helping themselves.

For call centres, this has a number of benefits. Not only is inbound traffic reduced, but overall service quality and branding can also be improved, helping to provide a strong foundation for companies in the coming months and years.

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