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Customer relationships strengthened by video

Over the past few years, Skype has been increasingly making its way into call centres, offering companies a way to offer toll-free services such as instant messaging and telephone communication. Skype also provides video options, and for telephone answering services wanting to build better relationships with their customers, this could be the way forward.

In new research that investigated which methods of communication could build more trust between consumers and financial services providers, it was found that 50 per cent believe that video calling is the way forwards. 48 per cent of people also believed that having a specific and named agent to email or call would make them more likely to utilise all the services offered by financial providers. However, there is a careful balancing act to walk, with 55 per cent suggesting that there is too much focus on automated services, and 57 per cent saying that companies are too faceless.

BT Global Services’ President of Global Banking and Financial Markets, Tom Regent, explained: “Successful financial services companies will be those that strike the right balance between automation and human interaction — whether that interaction takes place face-to-face or is delivered over the phone, video or web-chat.”

The research has shown that for some call centres, implementing video calling could help build trust and better relationships with their customers. By giving people both traditional phone lines and video contact, there should be no concern about forcing customers to use modern channels.

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