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Customer relationships not being affected by multichannel approach

Over the past year or so, many call centres have begun to operate in a multichannel way, offering telephone answering services but also extending customer contact to web chat, email and social media platforms. However, in a new survey, it has been suggested that customer relationships have not yet improved because of this increase in channel choice.

Aspect Software’s report revealed that 46 per cent of people still don’t have their problem resolved when contacting a call centre. A huge 64 per cent of these individuals felt that customer service failed to treat them as a valued customer, resulting in a poor experience. Meanwhile, many consumer care lines fail to address some of the largest issues, with 67 per cent of people saying they had received an automated response and 65 per cent revealing that they’d had to repeat themselves.

Aspect’s chief marketing officer Jim Freeze said: “Expanding channels is increasingly allowing customers to take more control of the care conversation, but it has also increased their service expectations. This has enabled an environment where people are not afraid to air their grievances in the most public of forums.” Mr Freeze added that there was the opportunity for call centres to offer a multichannel service that consistently met customer demands.

The results go to show that whilst offering a number of contact channels for customers to use is important, consistency is essential. By offering a poor service through one particular channel, consumers are likely to air their grievances with greater ferocity than ever.

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