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Customer loyalty : call centre services

In these turbulent economic times companies are finding it as hard to maintain customer loyalty as it is to win it in the first place. Here at Go Response we know that the success of our call handling and call centres services is not just down to our dedicated staff but also our customers.

Every single one of our call centre customers are important to us and to that end we’ve developed a few ways to engage, build and maintain loyalty with current and new clients.

Take care of your existing customers – Sounds simple but it’s amazing how many companies focus on obtaining new business and forget about the customers they already have. At Go Response we maintain regular contact with current customers ensuring they are both happy and being looked after, taking every opportunity to ask if there is anything else we can help them with.

Put yourselves in their shoes – To fully understand the customer experience put your ‘customer head’ on and try to look at the process objectively, from their point of view. That’s what we do!

Get out your crystal ball – Identify the customer behaviours of any unhappy customers; as well as taking extra special care of them, we use this knowledge to spot potential customers in the future that might not be happy. This gives us the advantage of being able to resolve any issues before the customer feels frustrated.

Make it personal – Every customer is different. By developing good relationships with our customers we increase our knowledge about them. The more you know about your customer the more you can do to help them and more importantly, their service will be personalised to their specific needs.

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