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Customer experience remains a high priority for call centres

A new survey has shown that providing the best customer experience possible remains one of the most important priorities for call centres. With telephone answering services having to alter their practices to suit customers, ensuring people go away feeling positive and fulfilled is vital.

In the latest industry survey, it was found that bettering the customer experience is a top priority for 54 per cent of managers. As a comparison, only 23 per cent of people said that trying to make cost reduction a priority was important. This shows that customer care has become more important than costs.

In the latest Tomorrow’s Contact Centre report, 175 call centre managers were questioned on the latest trends and changes within the workplace. In addition to showing that customer experience remains one of the most important points for telephone answering services, the report also unveiled some other interesting characteristics. These included the fact that self-service is being increasingly utilised to remove simple calls from centres so agents can concentrate on complex queries. Meanwhile, 40 per cent of companies expect to use video calling options within the next two years, whilst contact centre expertise was rated as very important by 65 per cent of survey respondents.

For call centres looking at making adjustments to their firm, it will be important to take the latest trends under advisement to ensure that the right decisions are made.

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