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Customer experience can be boosted with cloud technology

Improving the customer experience has been the priority of many call centres for a number of years.  With consumer loyalty becoming low due to the ease of switching to a competitor, keeping retention rates as high as possible is extremely important.  For telephone answering services wanting to optimise their customer experience, turning to cloud technology can be helpful.

There are many advantages of using cloud computing, particularly in regards to scaling and flexibility.  Many companies can note rapid growth, and when they are tied to on-site technology, the rollout of additional software can be problematic and slow.  This is not so with cloud technology, which can be easily scaled up and down by vendors as and when it is needed.  By using virtual servers and an internet connection, data can also be streamed into one place, allowing the quick joining of various information sets to provide agents with one customer overview.  This removes the need for individuals to extrapolate data from various different screens and programs.  In addition, with call centre agents only requiring an internet connection and a phone line, there is also the ability to spread members of staff over multiple locations.

Jonathan Gale, chief executive officer of one software provider, NewVoiceMedia, said that many new companies were using their technology.  “We have not only provided a reliable and feature-rich contact centre, but delivered a completely flexible and scalable solution which will support the company throughout its significant growth this year and beyond.”

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