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Customer experience and branding must be connected

Brand Flow Chart Blue MarkerBranding and customer services go hand-in-hand, with one area helping the other. Therefore, many people would expect call centres to tie the two together to provide continuity of service. However, in some cases, branding and customer care can become disconnected. If this occurs, it is vital for companies to rectify the issue quickly so that branding messages don’t get lost and spiral into poor consumer services.

There are many reasons for branding and customer experience to become disconnected, one being that if senior managers aren’t committed to the branding messages, they’re unlikely to follow it through at the customer level. Whilst managers might approve television adverts and like the branding concept, it is vital to consider the message on a day-to-day basis. For example, if advertising promises fast service, this has to be delivered to consumers.

Another error companies make is failing to pass branding messages on to their workforce and frontline agents. If those answering telephone answering services calls don’t have brand awareness, there is no way they can be expected to pass it on to customers. Training is of great importance, and it helps everyone in a company get on the same page.

Finally, whilst marketing prices and deals is a good idea, advertising should also be focussed on brand experience to create better value. Not every product or service can be cheap, but the level of service offered might be incredibly high. Therefore, it’s important for customer care and branding to be tied together so people realise they are getting good value for their money.

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