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Customer-driven call centres can result in positive word-of-mouth business

Depositphotos_26994825_m-2015Companies often have one of two focuses: being customer-driven or sales-driven. Whilst the former prioritises consumer loyalty, satisfaction, referrals and retention, businesses that are focused on sales are driven by commissions, new sales and margins. Neither approach can be seen as right or wrong, but call centres that want to boost word-of-mouth sales should focus on customer-driven interactions first.

For telephone answering services that wish to focus on customers, it is first essential to develop the right culture. If a brand is consumer-driven, agents need to prioritise delivering superior customer experience over everything else. Many call centres might initially think it is relatively easy to shift the focus from sales to customers. However, doing this successfully can be challenging as modern technology and marketing tools provide more ways than ever for agents to deliver the right products and services to the right customers. It is easy to become side-tracked in upselling instead of focusing solely on a consumer’s needs.

Cultural and behavioural realignment in call centre environments is vital for successfully becoming consumer-driven. For example, a caller might contact tech support for a computer error they have encountered. Once it is fixed, the agent might then attempt to sell another product in a bid to increase the revenue associated with a particular customer. The problem here is that even though the consumer’s problem was solved, that person became a sales target. This is a behavioural trait that needs to be changed for firms to become truly consumer-driven.

By removing all upselling, firms can focus on the customer. Even though such a move might be seen as a lost selling opportunity, positive experiences can lead to word-of-mouth sales.

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