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Customer demographic important for call centre considerations

There are many considerations to make when choosing a call centre, including the size of businesses, the complexity of calls and the detail of compliance that has to be kept. In addition, the customer demographic has to be considered so that that people needing help can get the right support from telephone answering services.

Call centres traditionally had the overwhelming majority of their customers contact them by telephone, but in recent times the emergence of multi-channelling has become more apparent. This means that people expect to be able to contact companies via email, mobile app and instant messaging, in addition to telephone contact. It is often the case that the younger the customer demographic, the more channels they require, with older generations sticking to contact forms that they’ve always known. Therefore, an older demographic may be more likely to utilise telephone calls and email, whereas a young and mobile customer base will expect to be able to receive help through smartphone applications and social networking platforms in addition to traditional methods.

Considerations on how customers are likely to contact a business must be take into account when choosing a call centre. Telephone answering services are becoming far more multi-skilled than ever before, with staff communicating with customers through a range of platforms. And, by considering customer demographic when selecting the right call centre, companies can ensure that their outsourced operations meet the ever-changing demands of their customers.

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