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Customer care assistant telephone answering services

If your business offers some sort of service you may, from time to time, be asked questions about the services you offer or just general questions from customers who need a little more information. You may also receive the occasional complaint that needs to be dealt with efficiently, so as not to damage your image and improve customer satisfaction levels.

To do the above you could hire a customer care assistant, who will take those calls and deal with the requests your customers may have. Or, you could use a telephone answering service that specialises in taking calls of this nature, so you can save a huge amount of money and deal with relevant questions when you have the time.

Telephone answering services can be your customer care assistant because they can:

• Provide a one-to-one personal point of contact
• Resolve queries quickly
• Provide information to client requests
• Forward complexed requests to you directly

Some specialist call centres can direct your call, so the same person always answers the phone to your clients. They will be briefed, so will understand your client needs and will thus able to give educated responses.

Telephone answering services can work really well for smaller companies who don’t receive a lot of calls, but still need someone to answer the phone when it rings.

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