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Customer allegiance being led by apathy

In a new study focussing on the choice of mobile operator, it has been revealed that many British individuals’ brand allegiance is led by apathy.  Instead of actively looking for positive branding, many people stay with the same company simply because they do not think there is anything better on the market.  It is up to call centres and customer care lines to change this, showing consumers that making a switch could provide great dividends.

In the latest customer satisfaction survey from Oracle, it was shown that 39% of mobile customers have stayed with their operator because they did not think they would be able to find a better option.  Just 9% of people stayed with their network provider because of good service, whilst 16% are tied into a long-term contract and are, therefore, unable to switch.

The findings show that companies willing to focus on this group of unsatisfied consumers could pull a lot of business their way.  In fact, telephone answering services that are consistently able to provide positive experiences and exceptional service, could really take a larger market share.

Oracle Communication’s senior vice president and general manager, Bhaskar Gorti, said: “Those customer service providers that get the basics of their customer experience right and deliver the reliable and flexible service that today’s consumers are looking for can tap into a hidden opportunity to stand out from the competition and grow their respective subscriber-bases.”

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