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Curate better surveys for powerful feedback

Feedback ConceptEven though many call centres and companies use consumer surveys as a way to generate feedback, much of the data does not end up being actionable. However, customer opinions can be extremely powerful and can help shape a brand and gain loyalty. To make the most of surveys, it is essential to curate the right questions and get people to engage.

One of the best ways to get the right feedback is to have telephone answering services ensure that customers know their opinions are valued. People like to see that their voice is being taken into consideration. Luckily, it is relatively easy to do this, and businesses can show their response to feedback by being transparent and conveying messages of change through social media or newsletters, for example. It is also vital to survey sparingly; firms should aim for a maximum of 20 surveys a month per agent.

To get the best from surveys and boost engagement, customers should be surveyed via their preferred means of contact. In addition, a maximum of five questions should be used, and they must be short and concise. An additional comment space can be incorporated for customers to leave any extra feedback they wish to share.

Finally, the way in which people are invited to join in on surveys is crucial for boosting interaction. Bland, boring invites will garner a lacklustre return. However, starting off with something like “Was there anything we could have done better?” invites people to provide their opinion without being embarrassed.

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