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Crowdsourcing for customer services

Customer Services Concept. Golden Gears. 3D Illustration.Providing top-quality customer services remains a major priority for organisations across Britain, and many call centres strive to offer the best customer experience possible. Some brands have harnessed the power of crowdsourcing, and telephone answering services can also look to this tactic as a way to reduce overall traffic whilst complementing traditional consumer care approaches.

Crowdsourced customer services were founded by giffgaff, with the firm actively asking its customers to become active members of the community and help one another. By participating, members can receive perks such as mobile phone credit, charitable donations and cash payments. Around 5,000 queries are currently raised each week, and 90 per cent of them are solved by other customers, leaving giffgaff’s call centre to deal only with the most serious and complex problems.

Applying this concept to the call centre might seem like a challenge, but modern technology has provided many tools to help. Over the past five years, there has been a substantial increase in the number and variety of smartphone apps that are available. Consumers can use these to access freelance experts or other customers to get their enquiries answered quickly. For example, UK start-up firm Limitless has developed a system to have digital enquiries answered by experts. Questions that are submitted via contact forms are routed into the crowd to be answered, whilst those with more complex issues are transferred to a traditional agent.

Utilising crowdsourcing can be a great way for call centres to boost the quality of their consumer care and reduce the overall expense of their own services.

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