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CRM an essential tool for modern call centres

Depositphotos_87228968_m-2015Customer relationship management (CRM) software has been around for some time, and many organisations use such tools to effectively manage their customers. For call centres, having CRM software in place can boost customer services quality and productivity throughout an entire company.

One of the leading reasons to utilise CRM is to give consumers better ways to find the best resources to answer all of their queries. Smart CRM enables systems to remember each individual consumer’s preferred method of contact, thereby triggering a set of business rules to follow after the point of each initial contact. Both features allow individual interactions with call centres to be improved with the use of CRM.

There are also other benefits that telephone answering services can enjoy with CRM tools. For example, customer records can be automatically opened on advisor screens. This can relay data, such as a customer’s lifetime value, with the potential for people to be offered various levels of service based on this value. Meanwhile, circumstances relating to imminent renewals or outstanding payments can be redirected to specialist teams, whilst clients with consistently low NPS scores can be routed to a new team whose focus is on increasing people’s satisfaction.

CRM tools can also be used to standardise key areas of the customer journey and ensure consistent delivery through consumer experiences. In short, CRM is an essential part of the modern call centre’s toolkit and should now be viewed as a must-have.

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