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Criticism must be eradicated from the motivational rulebook

Attractive young man working in a call centerTelesales can be a daunting prospect for any new starter. For call centres that are tasked with training and motivating these agents, it is important to focus on building people’s confidence. This helps with telesales as well as providing optimised customer services throughout the selling process. When trying to boost an agent’s confidence, it is vital to remember that criticism is not a motivational tool and should never be used as one.

For telephone answering services, one of the key management responsibilities is developing a team of effective workers. One of the ways that leaders do this is by taking time with agents to reflect on their individual strengths and weaknesses. However, it is important to recognise that “reflection” does not mean “criticism”, and the latter rarely works to motivate people. In fact, it can have damaging effects on people’s productivity and workplace engagement levels.

If staff members wish to learn, they need to be involved with self-development instead of simply being told they are not doing their job properly. Doing this in a way that does not make people defensive is crucial. For example, the natural response to any criticism is often to question a manager’s logic instead of focussing on the need to change.

Sales Account Manager Raymond Amadi said: “An encouraging word when the agent has had a no-sales day is not always expected, but it’s always appreciated. The agent who appreciates the environment, the work, and their manager will start performing sooner or later. Yes, in a sales department we are all results oriented, but if you want sustainability you have to reach your target the right way – not through immense pressure and fireworks!”


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