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Create “wow” moments with apps

Apps lots ofThe modern call centre is no longer solely focussed on telephone communication. As digital channels have increased in number and popularity, companies are resorting to an increasingly wide variety of methods to engage with customers. Aside from social networking platforms, one great way to get consumers to connect is by creating “wow” moments. For telephone answering services, this can be done with the help of apps.

Smartphone and tablet apps have a wide variety of uses, and many businesses are realising they have great potential for creating customer loyalty and building better engagement with shoppers. For example, Starbucks recently launched a Mobile Order & Pay service. The application remembers people’s previous purchases and allows customers to pre-order items and have them ready to be picked up. In addition, exclusive discounts are tailored toward the individual’s buying history. Likewise, JD Williams said they plan to implement new technology with the ability to build a personal relationship with customers. By using apps, businesses aren’t actively pursuing people; instead, they allow passive marketing to take place.

For the call centre, it is essential to remember that such software can greatly extend the reach of contact, provide engaging experiences, and build better brand loyalty. Although many firms will be focused on phone calls and social media, a thought should be given to smartphone and tablet applications. By creating a customised app, call centres can connect with people even more than before.

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