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Create time for a successful blended call centre

Telephone Answering ServicesOne big mistake that many organisations make is allowing their call centre agents to be idle. This is a complete waste of time and is likely to cost a business a lot of money. Using a blended telephone answering services model can be a good idea because when inbound traffic is low, employees can get on with other tasks. However, to get it right, a company has to improve efficiency and create time.

Creating more time is a large hurdle for any firm, but extra minutes can be found if managers look to improve efficiency. Failure to optimise First Call Resolution (FCR), for example, can waste a lot of time because callers are often passed through multiple agents. This not only frustrates consumers but wastes valuable resources. Giving agents more responsibility and improving FCR rates can result in a lot more free time in which staff members can be used in other areas.

Another area that can save time is a well-developed omnichannel that is attractive to younger consumers in particular. Self-service offerings and the ability to get quick responses from places like Twitter or webchat can save both the company and the customer time. Call centres can even actively encourage the use of self-service options, allowing agents to be available to focus on other activities.

Blending call centres and using agents for inbound, outbound and social media activities can be extremely rewarding, especially in the modern business environment. However, it is essential that companies create as much time as possible to maximise success.

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