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Create positive experiences for “channel of choice”

Laptop & MobileMany call centres are diversifying their contact channels so that customers can contact them via telephone, email or social media, for example. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that consumers are given a positive experience. Ensuring that people get their “channel of choice” whilst keeping telephone answering services efficient can be a careful balancing act. There are a few important considerations to keep in mind in order to bring customers the best possible service.

First, it is vital not to try to push people into specific channels, particularly self-service. Although self-service options can save call centres a lot of time, not all consumers want to utilise this option, preferring instead to talk to someone. Allowing people to choose the right option for them is crucial.

How businesses respond to customers is also very important. Just because someone emailed a query or problem does not necessarily mean that replying is the best or most effective option. In many cases, a problem can be sorted out far quicker over the telephone. For companies that really want to create a positive experience, they can reply first via email suggesting an alternative contact option at that time.

Another positive step is to research customers’ channel preferences. By conducting the right research, call centres can develop customer profiles, including how people like to be contacted. This can then be utilised to ensure that every contact is made in a way that creates the most positive experience for consumers.

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