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Could your call centre be cleaner?

Cleaning sprayCleanliness in the workplace can have a significant effect on business, according to a new study.

More than one-fifth of the employees surveyed by facilities management and business products company Direct365 longed for more hygienic toilets, while one-quarter of the consumers surveyed place said they place most emphasis on cleanliness when buying goods and services.

Call centres should prioritise making conveniences more sanitary as they will reap the benefits of the positive effect it has on agents. Installing automatic hand dryers, toilet flushers and soap dispensers is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce the risk of germ being spread around your telephone answering services, and they will also improve energy efficiency.

The study also found that one-quarter of the consumers surveyed agreed that a business’s health and safety policies were most important to them, and that almost one in ten of the employees surveyed said they would like to see tougher health and safety policies put in place. Almost two in ten said they wanted more first aid training.

While the UK has one of the best workplace health and safety records in Europe, it can be improved, and it is essential employers do all they can to protect both customers and employees.

Direct365 Brand Development Manager Emma Gilroy said: “It is clear that consumers are increasingly conscious of who they buy products and services from, and with so many businesses competing for our money, those that earn a positive reputation for being a caring, ethical company that looks after its employees and local community will ultimately fare the best.”

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