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Continued Growth by Philippine Call Centres

Filipino call centres are trying to become the centre for the world.

The Philippines announced they want to be the call centre “capital of the world.” These companies certainly have some of the best techniques when it comes to services. Right now they are ranked in the top four telephone answering services around the world. These call centres are definitely the top in the United Kingdom and Australia.

This is due to many reasons, among them being the better English speaking services the Philippine companies can offer. In the past, the Philippines had numerous missionaries settle on its islands. This allowed residents to learn English as a secondary language early on. The country has kept up the tradition of teaching English as an important second language, so accents and English names are also more common.

Philippines’ companies also tend to offer top IT services. They keep updated with the latest technology in order to rival India BPO services. It is the hope in many of the companies there that in 2016, the Philippines will have the top market share in call centres. Already they have a profit of 11 billion USD. They also have 64,000 jobs for the outsourcing industry. Soon there will be around 1.5 million indirect jobs with regards to call centres in the Philippines. It means they have offered a 5.4% gross domestic product for their country. This is expected to reach 8.6% in the next four years as they take over the market with call centres.

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