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ContactFlow CRM upgrade boosts call centre performance

Hostcomm has revealed that the latest upgrade to their ContactFlow customer relationship management (CRM) tool provides a powerful workflow automation tool. This should help call centres gain higher performance and efficiency, particularly because of the software’s ability to dispatch sale information and send out follow-up emails without any manual work. This can provide telephone answering services with a way to better utilise their staff whilst reduce error risks.

ContactFlow CRM has a number of tools that provide call centres with a way to streamline their business. Integrative dialler capabilities are included, for example, that allow telesales teams to impact upon future follow-up events based on CRM data.

Potential leads can be added to the CRM system, resulting in a workflow trigger that initiates customer care contact. There is also a client portal area that provides customers and companies with a place to interact. This means that consumers can directly access their personal data and communication records, for example. They can also begin and track queries.

Hostcomm Director Chris Key explained: “With everything moving to the cloud, we wanted to deliver a secure solution – hosted, but hosted on a dedicated server. As a result, we could give businesses control over their own databases, as well as firewall protection that just isn’t available on a shared server.”

He added that there are no technical reasons for CRM solutions to be expensive, so Hostcomm wanted to offer a new, integrated and affordable tool.

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