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Contact centres wary of social media use

Social media has become a global phenomenon over the past few years, and in recent studies it was revealed that an increasing number of call centres are readying themselves to start using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  However, new industry research has shown that many telephone answering services are still hesitant when it comes to using social media, with many firms not understanding how it can help them.

Whilst many larger companies are using social media to their advantage, it is actually smaller firms, who do not have as many resources, who can use social media channels to contact consumers directly and cut expenses.  Paul White, a call centre industry expert, said: “There’s clearly still considerable uncertainty about the role that social media can play in an organisation’s integrated customer service activities – that’s why we’re convinced that smaller and medium size contact centres need a lower cost of entry deployment model for adding social media as a core communications channel.”

One of the most important aspects of social media is to actively engage.  Consumers expect far more than the standard response of “We’ll get back to you in X days,” and using such language on social media can see call centres being the subject of negative feedback.  However, actively engaging in conversations and offering direct help can build a positive brand image for telephone answering services, even in troublesome situations, allowing firms an inexpensive and modern way of corresponding with clients.

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