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Contact centres answering calls at slower speeds

business people group working in customer and help desk officeA new report has revealed that the average time in which call centres answer the phone has slowed. The latest findings show that the previous average of 28.4 seconds has risen to 36.1 seconds. This is a rise of 27 per cent, and it’s even higher for large organisations with more than 200 agents, where the average speed to answer is now 55 seconds.

Answering the phone quickly can be very important for telephone answering services that want to ensure they get through all their customers. When queues increase, there are several options that executives can implement, including self-help menus, callback features, and efficient routing systems.

Steve Morrell, the report’s author, said: “The continued strong growth in both email and webchat, as well as mobile and web-based self-service, means that the remaining agent-customer voice conversation is now on average longer and more complex, requiring different skills and capabilities from agents, which current systems and processes may not yet support.” Mr Morrell added that the voice queue is increasingly under pressure.

These findings show that executives need to pay increasing attention to their call services in conjunction with developing other options, such as webchat, email and social media. By keeping average answer time down, customers can be reassured that when the time is right, they’ll be able to get through to call centre agents.

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