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Contact centre planning aided by customer insights

Call centre expert Andrew Doyle has suggested that it is vital for telephone answering services to capture customer insights if they are to develop the best strategic planning.  Mr Doyle said that many companies see their call centre merely as a tool to provide customer services.  However, by gathering as much data as possible, real business benefits can be gained.

Talking about call centres and the important role they play in business, Mr Doyle said that call centres are often privy to extremely useful information.  For that reason, companies must change how they think of their call centres, recognising them as a knowledge centre instead of just a customer services tool.  “We know that massive amounts of knowledge come into contact centres every day.  If we are smart in capturing these customer insights, this will position contact centre managers as key players in companies’ strategic planning,” Mr Doyle explained.

There are several areas where call centre information can be applied, such as being able to learn if products are actually being used as they were intended.  In addition, businesses can be inspired to develop new designs and products, establish whether or not their manuals are customer-friendly, and build marketing campaigns based on real market insights.

Call centres have huge amounts of invaluable data should managers take the time to gather and utilise it.  By simply changing the perspective on what a call centres does, companies can take great leaps forward in their business approach.

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