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Contact Centre Outsourcers Outperform In-House Operations


A recent report from ContactBabel reveals that outsourced call centres take less time to answer calls, have 10 per cent less talk time and answer more emails quickly than their in-house counterparts.

Other key findings include:

  • Between now and 2011, growth in the contact centre outsourcing sector will be more than double that of the in-house sector
  • The outsourcing sector answers 27 per cent of emails within an hour – three times more than the in-house sector manages
  • Outsourcers that have diversified into full-service BPO will tend to have far higher profit margins than contact centre-only players. However, premium contact centre service providers (which have a much greater understanding and delivery of multi-channel interaction handling than is usual) are protecting their margins
  • Traditional transaction – or resource-based outsourcing pricing is being replaced by a hybrid risk-reward model, based upon a detailed and transparent view of pricing and cost


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