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Contact Babel reveals the changing face of call centres

In new research, Contact Babel has revealed that call centres are on the change, with multimedia channels becoming more popular in their use, particularly for specific sectors.  Whilst the adoption of channels, such as web chat and social media, remains low, it seems that telephone answering services may increasingly be turning to these additional communication platforms.

In the latest figures, it was found that email interactions go towards between 10% and 15% of a call centre’s total inbound interactions.  However, there is some disparity between sectors, with the retail and IT environments noting higher levels of email interaction by email than other markets.  Meanwhile, the rise of web chat use is clear, with around 30% of call centres now utilising this platform in one way or another.  This can be to simply provide website browsers with advice and support, or to use as a more aggressive sales channel.

Finally, it was revealed that, despite there being a lot of debate about the use of social media, just 1% of call centre interactions are social media based.  It shows that whilst many customers expect to be able to contact their favourite companies via places such as Twitter and Facebook, as yet, many firms are not adopting this tactic.  However, with social media still growing at a phenomenal rate, experts suggest that call centres will increasingly use networking platforms in the coming months and years.

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