GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Consumers want more than good phone manner

A good phone manner was all that was needed when outsourcing first started, along with 24-hour access. Now there is a survey out saying that the Philippines has gained market share because they offer more than just a good phone manner. The industry has had to change fast so that businesses can keep getting new clients. Consumers have spoken, and the Philippines are listening by changing their call centres to be more competitive, offering better technology, and making certain that they are able to answer consumer questions.

Consumers like to know they are being taken care of. They do not like to be put on hold, mistreated, or deal with a machine that tries to act like a human. Rather, the consumer wants to be connected to a live person within seconds of dialling, and in this regard, the Philippines seems to be the answer for many UK and US-based businesses. This country has the largest call centre industry and is certainly one place to look to satisfy your consumers.

When you have a large enough business for telephone answering services to be a part of it, you need to make certain you choose the best solution for your company. A UK-based company keeps the local economy going and offers jobs to UK residents instead of another country. This may sit better with you, or you may, instead, be looking at the cost effective nature of telephone answering services, meaning those in the Philippines where labour is still cheaper.

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