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Consumers using 7.4 varied channels

A new report has shown that the average consumer uses around 7.4 channels of communication, making it essential for telephone answering services to tap into more than just one of these.  Social media continues to be problematic for many call centres, with executives not knowing how to handle the phenomenal growth in this area.  However, handle it they must, with UK consumers taking to far more channels than ever.

In the latest data, it was shown that, over the past six months, the average person has used at least 7.4 forms of electronic communication ranging from email to social networking platforms.  For consumers between the ages of 18 and 24, this average rises to 8.4.  Unsurprisingly, it is at its lowest for those over 65, though even this generation of people is still using 6.4 channels of communication.  In the “Navigate the Future of Customer Service” report by Forrester, it was also shown that voice is the preferred option, with 73% of people utilising this facility.

KANA’s David Moody said: “Different channels are more appropriate for different services and the web is just one channel which may or may not prove to be an efficient method for service delivery.  Whilst digital is of great importance ‘digital only’ customer service strategies simply do not work.”

The data is just one more factor that contributes to the growing pressure on call centres to adapt to a multi-channel environment.  With the diversity only set to grow, communication channels other than voice must be taken into account.

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