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Consumers prefer using digital channels

Call centreNew research indicates that firms that are not willing to expand into digital channels could risk losing customers because many people prefer to communicate using this method. The latest survey shows that one out of every four consumers want to use digital means to settle their debts. This means that telephone answering services must offer appropriate digital services.

The new findings show that one quarter of people prefer to talk about their debts through digital means rather than a traditional telephone call. When asked which communication method was likely to lead to payments, one fourth of the 1,500 people asked indicated a digital format such as email or SMS. This data adds to Experian’s 2015 report showing that one third of adults like to handle their debt problems online.

Grosvenor Services Group Managing Director Lloyd Birkhead said: “The way in which businesses communicate with customers is evolving, and while many are still favouring traditional methods of communication, there’s a clear trend showing more and more people are opting for digital channels. The rise in popularity of consumers wanting to talk about their debts through digital channels could be attributed to a number of things – the fact that they feel more comfortable avoiding confrontation, perhaps, or simply for convenience in an increasingly digital world.”

Even though the survey focussed on debt, the newest findings show the clear popularity of online channels and indicate that more call centres need to utilise them to provide consumer services.

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