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Consumers frustrated with automatons

Woman in home office with computer using telephone frowningSome call centres believe that automation can frustrate and annoy customers. However, a new survey has identified that is it automatons and not automation that really irks consumers. This means that staff must be trained to have a high level of confidence, and they need to have the latest technology at their disposal.

The Inisoft survey uncovered two key trends. Whilst the largest gripe of consumers is having to repeat information to several agents, well-equipped and confident staff are the most likely to engage properly with customers. The poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that dealing with agents who are unable to make decisions can be a far more negative experience than using telephone answering services that harness automation.

Inisoft Head Oonagh McBride said: “Ironically, call centres that lack proper automation tend to give customers the impression that they are talking to automatons. A poorly equipped call centre will have staff floundering to find the answer to increasingly complex enquiries from customers, leading to delays, inconsistency and frustration. When confronted with ill-prepared call centre staff, customers often express fury.”

McBride added that providing call centre staff with technology allows them to optimise their performance and communicate naturally with customers, which helps to facilitate a positive experience. The research also highlighted that confident agents who can go off script when required and listen properly to people’s problems are extremely important. This might simply mean offering an apology at times, which is something that 75 per cent of those polled said was important to them.

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