GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Consumers are vital in defining customer journeys

For many modern call centres, optimisation hinges on streamlining the customer journey and ensuring that people get served with the fastest and highest quality service possible. However, it is easy to become side-tracked trying to get consumers to follow a firm’s preferred route instead of allowing customers to dictate how journeys are built.

Telephone answering services that are trying to shift toward a consumer-centric journey can consider the example of airports. In airports, passengers are sent through security and almost immediately led through duty-free shopping areas in the hopes that money will be spent, even though this makes it take longer for them to reach their gates. This is because the passenger is not the customer. In fact, the retail outlet is the customer, and they prosper by making money.

Such a scenario does not work, however, for callers to contact centres, who want to get swift and direct access to agents or self-service options to rectify their problem instead of getting rerouted. As a result, good customer experience provides people with the journey they expect to have, not the one a firm wants them to take.

To note success, call centres must understand exactly where a consumer wants to go and then make this route available in as few steps as possible. By doing this, inbound traffic not only moves swiftly, but customer satisfaction can be increased, too. This positive experience can build loyalty and result in more word-of-mouth advertising, leading to better business and higher bottom lines in the long run.

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