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Consumer texting remains as strong as ever

New figures have shown that consumers still use a large volume of texts, despite experts suggesting that such methods of communication have lost popularity with British residents.  Texting is a popular form of contact for many call centres too, being used to remind people about appointments or provide follow-up information from calls.  Therefore, it seems that the demise of texting is not yet likely.

In the latest YouGov poll it was found that texting remains popular, with 60% of people in Britain sending the same number of texts as they did a year ago.  Meanwhile, around 22% said they are actually sending more.  Just 17% of people admitted that they were using texting to a lesser degree.

Firstsource Solutions’ global head of sales & marketing, and the lead behind the study, Iain Regan, said: “This survey shows that the popularity of texting is still high, despite the availability of a wider range of communications tools, like instant messaging and social networking sites.  The simplicity of reaching someone in real time is the key to texting’s continued success.  Texting remains an important communication channel and should continue to be an important part of the customer service mix.”

For any telephone answering services that might be considering reducing their focus on texting due to a drop in consumer popularity, then the data from this latest poll proves otherwise.  If anything, call centres should be focussing on multi-channels, including texting, more than ever before.

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