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Consumer disengagement fuelled by online billing

Depositphotos_69202465_m-2015Research shows that the rise in online billing is leading to increased disengagement by consumers. In fact, one third of customers now have no engagement with brands at all. This means that call centres must work harder than ever to interact with people and provide a high-quality consumer journey.

In a representative sample of 1,000 UK adults, 70 per cent of respondents said they prefer billing communication through digital means. Meanwhile, more than one third said they only want to receive bills online. Of course, digital billing has its advantages for many companies, meeting people’s demands for being able to make payments anywhere and at any time. However, 10 per cent of respondents said they are less aware of payment details than they were in the past. Only 17 per cent of people take note of bills if the demand is higher than normal, whilst just one third read the whole bill.

Nigel Baker, an expert in the sector, says: “It’s clear that online billing is favoured by a large proportion of customers, however, this mustn’t become a reason for service providers to lose that all-important contact with customers. As more and more customers move to online billing, businesses must find opportunities to engage with customers so that they’re not at risk of becoming invisible to them – while at the same time recognising the irritation caused by unwanted contact.”

Going forward, it will be vital for telephone answering services to continue making proactive contact with consumers to start a conversation and keep people engaged. However, a balance must be struck so that companies don’t become a nuisance.



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