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Consumer care has become a key business differentiator

Improving customer services quality for call centres has been a big focus over the past few years. Now, the expectations of consumers are even more important, with the level of care they receive becoming a key differentiator among competitors. Nevertheless, many firms are falling short, with poor connected planning leading many businesses to miss opportunities.

New research from leading platform provider Anaplan showed that some firms are missing lucrative opportunities because they fail to provide connected planning. This news comes at a time when consumer service ratings are dropping across the board, with many telephone answering services struggling to stay on top.

For example, banking firms might be leading the way, but only 56 per cent of people say they offer a good service. Other industries are further behind, with retailers at 39 per cent, mobile phone operators at 35 per cent and utilities at 34 per cent.

Anaplan’s Regional Vice President for Northern Europe Operations, Karen Clarke, said: “The contact centre remains a key channel for customer communication, whether this is over the phone or increasingly, through digital interactions. Failings here play a major role in shaping the overall customer experience.”

Clarke added that there is no reason for call centres to fail with the wealth of technology available and that consumer care should be a key priority for firms that want to avoid losing customers or damaging their brand reputation. “With the latest connected planning technology, businesses can join up the planning process and simultaneously drive valuable improvements in headcount efficiency, business agility and deliver vastly improved customer service.”

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